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Dhwani - ध्वनि

Dhwani, is dedicated to empowering young women and girls by promoting menstrual health. Beyond basic hygiene, we provide them with information and opportunities for personal development. Dhwani assists women in gaining access to education, including literacy and skills, enabling them to improve their standard of living and transform their life.


Akshar - अक्षर

Akshar is a transformative project focused on imparting education to underprivileged children. Committed to ensuring that every child receives their inherent right to basic education, we devote our weekends to their academic development. Our mission extends beyond conventional teaching, as we also strive to enhance their awareness of prevalent real-life challenges.

At Akshar, we cater to children across diverse age groups, recognizing the significance of tailored educational approaches. Through our dedicated efforts, we empower these young minds with fundamental knowledge and equip them with essential life skills. With unwavering dedication, we endeavor to bridge educational gaps and create a nurturing environment that nurtures curiosity and a love for learning. 

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